Clarksville Is Hiring

There are plenty of great jobs in Clarksville-Montgomery County, with top manufacturers and employers like LG, Bridgestone, Florim USA, Hankook/AtlasBX, and Google all well-established and continually expanding their workforce.

Looking to land a career and solidify your future? Clarksville is the place – our great jobs come with something more—the support of a robust economy generating $5 billion in capital investment and more than 7,500 jobs since 2000, making the area a national leader in job growth. With a population of over 200,000 and a population growth of 24% over the last decade, Clarksville is the largest city in our four-county metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which is the second-fastest-growing MSA in the nation. 

Clarksville is growing and thriving, with median household incomes higher than the state average. And that’s just one reason people are flocking here, especially young people—with our average age of just 29! Plus, the local economy is empowered by global diversity, with more than 26 different nationalities represented.  

What does this mean for you? It means greater financial security and more abundant opportunities, with low- and no-cost educational resources at the ready to help you seize those opportunities. And consider Clarksville’s low cost of living, with housing costs just 82% of the national average. Combined with higher average pay, this could mean an immediate and lasting upgrade in your family’s standard of living. 

Think about it. A community where you and your family can plan and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted. Isn’t that where you belong? Get hired and go higher in Clarksville-Montgomery County. 

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